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[TF2] Female Spy
14.10.2015, 10:07
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Female Spy Version 1.2 25 Feb 11
  • Fixed red gibs texture displaying as gold sunglasses lens invun texture
  • New female Spy enemy disguise mask
  • Fixed broken hat positions (was using older hat files)
  • Adjusted shininess of different materials using specular masks
  • Improved clipping problem of left leg through coat in the back while running (still working on it, testing takes a long time)
  • Model now has several LODs (could use more optimization)

Known issues:
  • Trouble playing domination/revenge/killing spree audio lines
  • Minor medal position fix needed
  • Minor clipping of legs through coat
  • Crash of hl2.exe upon disconnect/server change on sv_pure 1 servers (seems to be an issue with custom models in general)

If you have another issue to report or would like to suggest a fix, feel free to contact me at chemicalalia@gmail.com

Chemical Alia 

Источник: http://tf2.gamebanana.com/skins/download/107782


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